Quest To Planet Xar

by Triplestar

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Trey Throwback to the sounds of the early 2000's. This album has a cool storyline about leaving a hideous earth and leaving for the musical planet Xar and visiting different places along the way.
UNCE UNCE UNCE UNCE UNCE UNCE UNCE UNCE UNCE UNCE Favorite track: Manic Meteors (Original Mix).
Donnie Stevenson
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Donnie Stevenson Great upbeat and active album. Favorite track: Vortex (Original Mix).



Earth; Stardate, December, 2500; desperation and pollution can be found on every corner of the planet. A sudden twist in history permanently wiped out much of Earth's population. From 8 billion people to 2 billion. The government controls what's left of the ‘media’.
There is no such thing as religion. All hope is lost. Until one day.

A young traveler, by the name of TRIPLESTAR decides to make a difference. Deep beneath his house, he has spent the last 5 years collecting scrap metal to build a spaceship. His plan: to find a new planet. A planet filled with happiness and music. The only planet in the universe dedicated to music. Where there is no ‘system’ that controls whether you can make music or not. Where there is no ‘industry’ or ‘music factories’ to fulfill innocent lives with mediocrity and shitty
music. A planet that has music on it, only to make people happy.

So it begins.
On the second of December 2500, TRIPLESTAR decides it is time to go. The government made a new rule; Those who listen to music which is not on the radio will be executed. The insanity on Earth has gone too far. When he enters the spaceship he decides it should have a name. Let’s call it “The Star Cruiser”, he decides. As he packs,
he thinks of only one thing. His family. Since the last government swipe they were taken away because of ‘undeniable accident A1’ (They found old vinyls and cassettes and played them just over 8 decibel). “I will not let this happen ever AGAIN!” he growls. Lights, radio soulwax, action. No time to lose. He turns on the last switches and opens a huge shelf which kept the spaceship hidden for over 5 years. The robots surveying the streets notice the sound of metal clanging. They start beeping and rushing towards the source of the noise. But before they could call their superiors, the Star Cruiser
has left Earth. It glides easily through the polluted air, and away into the vast abyss of space.

Let the journey of sound begin.

Fjern review:
"What a magnificent joyful album! You've masterfully captured and even amplified some of my fondest video game memories, combined with your own unmistakable enthusiasm that shines through everything that you do! What I really love about your music is how it's about so much more than just tempos and genres - it's about dreaming, imagination, stories and adventures. Gefeliciteerd!"
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released May 30, 2013

Felix Kaiser (Pixelschmiede) - Lead Art Designer
Yuna-X - Wallpaper Design
Dave Andersson (Dawnchaser) - Spacemap Design



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